Taco Nachos from Jack

On a recent trip to a nearby Jack in the Box here in Irwindale, I was tempted by a new offering.

Originally there to order up a teriyaki bowl that I like (and had a coupon for), I saw a sign that read “Taco Nachos.”

Being a fan of cheese, especially nacho cheese, I decided to give in to the temptation and give them a try.

According to Jack’s website, “Taco Nachos feature the chain’s famous crunchy tacos topped with cheddar cheese sauce, melted pepper jack cheese and jalapeno slices served with a side of fire-roasted salsa.”

They are actually cut-up pieces of their tacos and all of this sits on a bed of shredded lettuce.


For $1.99 plus tax, these taco nachos were actually decent, the cheese wasn’t the spicy nacho cheese I was expecting and love, but there was enough to cover most of the pieced tacos and topped with enough jalapenos.

I didn’t touch the fire roasted salsa, because personally I prefer my nachos with just jalapenos.

Jack’s tacos are always a favorite, so smothering pieces of them with cheese is brilliant.

I really hope they stick around for a while and they don’t raise the price – I could get nachos with spicy nacho cheese for $1. I’m sure some of you know from where.

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