A million Quizno subs, but none for me

What’s 24386-reg_left_top-thumb-400x191.jpgthe deal with Quizno’s Million Sub giveaway. The popular sandwich shop says it’s giving away a million subs.

Of course, you have to sign up at millionsubs.com where they require you to give them your e-mail address as well as your zip code and birthdate. What’s that all about.

And you only get the free coupon when they email you back. I couldn’t find mine until I looked in my junk file, guess my filters thought it was spam. Then when I tried to print it out, my printer shut down.

So I never got my coupon and they got the marketing info they wanted. You can’t try to print out a coupon more than once.

My friend filled out the form and never even got an email back. We stopped by the local Quizno shop and the line doubled back out the door. Everyone looked like they had a free coupon in their hands so I guess it works for some.

I especially liked the disclaimers at the bottom. By completing the form, entrants will automatically be entered into the
Quiznos Q-Club marketing database (Entrants may opt-out of the Quiznos Q-Club at any time by visiting the opt-out page located at: www.quiznos.com/offers/Optout.aspx.)


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