Dining on a budget: Bob’s Big Boy in WC

By Eric Terrazas

When I first heard the news that Bob’s Big Boy was going to open a restaurant in West Covina, I couldn’t help but smile.

I haven’t visited a Bob’s Big Boy in many years. The last time I tasted a delicious Bob’s burger was in the early 1980s.

On a recent afternoon, I decided to check out the new Bob’s Big Boy in West Covina. I ordered the Big Boy Combination, a burger that consists of two patties, American cheese, lettuce and red relish sauce.


The meal also comes with French fries and cole slaw. For $1.99 more, you can substitute the fries for onion rings. I decided to order the onion rings even though it cost me the extra cash.

When my food arrived, the burger did not disappoint. The burger tasted delicious, just like I remembered it. Adding to the burger’s scrumptious taste was the red relish sauce.

The onion rings, which are hand-breaded, and cole slaw also tempted my taste buds. Overall, it made for a good meal.

On my next visit to Bob’s Big Boy, I plan to come with a bigger appetite. That way I could try their dessert menu.

Bob’s dessert offerings look rather tasty. The selections that most caught my eye were the hot fudge ice cream cake, the banana split and the Big Boy Super Shakes.

The dessert menu also includes pies and pastries. I received a good look at some of Bob’s pies while waiting in the cashier’s line. I wouldn’t mind trying their pies as well.

I’m also curious about Bob’s half-pound burgers. As a longtime bacon burger aficionado, the Big Cheese and Bacon burger is something I especially want to try.

If you’re a morning person, you would be happy to know that Bob’s also offers a nice-sized breakfast menu that includes pancakes, eggs, waffles and French toast.

As a longtime fan of hamburgers, I’m happy to see that Bob’s Big Boy has opened in West Covina. I plan to take my family there one of these days. I think they will be happy customers.

Bob’s Big Boy is located at 100A S. California Ave., West Covina. For information, call (626) 851-2627.

3 thoughts on “Dining on a budget: Bob’s Big Boy in WC

  1. In Texas, Kip’s was the Big Boy franchisee. The Big Boy combo was the sandwich with the thousand-island style dressing, fries and a lettuce wedge with with french dressing, I believe.

    The hot fudge or chocolate sundae could not be beat.

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