Thank you! Come again!

First of all, if you’re reading this, thank you for visiting our little food blog.

I, Claudia Palma, was handed over the reins when our online editor Esther Chou moved on to greener pastures. And unfortunately, I have not been as good with keeping up with this blog as she was.

I am learning and working to improve, but I, like many other people nowadays are trying to save money and eat in or brown bag our lunch. (Maybe I’ll write soon about good homemade food? Suggestions anyone?)

If not for the inclusion of our weekly contributors from our Highlanders community newspaper section writing a dining review for print, ‘Dining on a budget’, I would have nothing much to add here.

The ‘Dining on a budget’ review is shared among a good handful of staff writers here, and the occasional lucky intern. The idea is to find small, hole-in-the-wall type of restaurants to dine at for under $10 (per person).

Thank you to those who have visited before and I apologize for the comment errors, that unfortunately went unnoticed for probably months. Apparently there was a problem with readers posting comments and the comments not appearing.

The problem is fixed now and we welcome you to leave comments and suggestions, and we will try to bring you more local restaurants to check out, food to rant or rave about, and more.

Thanks again for visiting. Please come again!


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