Leftover corned beef – yum!

I don’t know many people that have yearly traditions for St. Patrick’s Day, but I am so glad my boyfriend’s mother has one.


She prepares a whole St. Patrick’s Day meal every March 17 with corned beef and steamed cabbage with potatoes and carrots. And if there is enough room, rye bread and butter.

Everything is deliciously homemade.


The beef is nice and moist, perfectly seasoned and not too salty. The vegetables are so tender, you can cut them in pieces with your spoon or fork.

What I love most about this tradition is she is smart and cooks plenty for a big crowd and for us to take home for leftovers later.

My boyfriend loves to make corned beef sandwiches with mustard. I have a whole meal again, with the vegetables and all.

Yes, I did have beer with my meal last night, but no, it wasn’t green this time.

So what other St. Patrick’s Day traditions do any of you have out there?

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