Second day in the great chicken war

The second day of the great chicken war dawned under a sullen sky.  As they usually do, the conflict escalated quickly. Neither side blinked, it was the ultimate game of chicken.

On Monday, Kentucky Fried Chicken gave away a free leg of its new flame-grilled chicken. Today, El Pollo Loco retaliated by offering TWO FREE pieces of chicken PLUS TORTILLAS AND SALSA. At this rate, they’ll be giving away entire chickens free by the end of the week!

Lines began forming early in the morning, demonstrating either the state of the economy or the great lengths people will go to for FREE food.

As one might expect, both sides were badtalking the other.

“We know our El Pollo Loco flame-grilled chicken is the real thing, and
we will not let our ‘grilled’ chicken opponent pull the ‘feathers’ over
the public’s eyes with a product that is cooked in an oven with no open
flames. We can’t wait to prove which chicken has authentic grilled
flavor and which is all smoke and no fire,” fired off El Pollo Loco’s Chief executive Steve Carley in a bevy of television commercials.

KFC’s Colonel Sanders didn’t respond, mainly because he died several years ago.

We send our crack reporting team to report from the trenches. They were a little concerned by the giant yellow bird standing guard out front of El Pollo Loco on Azusa Avenue in Covina.

But after a half hour wait they filed this report.

We really like El Pollo chicken, but this time it did taste a little blander than yesterday’s KFC.
The KFC chicken has a distinctive smokey flavor, while the El Pollo birds have a light citrus touch.

The KFC also seemed a little greasier, but this wasn’t significant in our taste test. After a great deal of debate we split our vote. There was not clear victor in this chicken skirmish. We need to go back a few more times before we can call this war. IT’s that darn close! 

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