Larry Wilson chimes in on local eats

Looks like we’re not the only San Gabriel Valley News folks looking for good eats in the SGV.

Check out our Public Editor Larry Wilson’s Public Eye blog as he dishes about great little finds in the east and west side of the valley to enjoy a delicious, fresh meal. 

Although I’ve tried a few different dishes at Chang Thai in Irwindale, a thai joint Larry mentions, I can’t resist the silver noodles salad with shrimp, chicken and black mushrooms in a tasty spicy sauce (and yes I would say it’s 7 or 8 on a 10-scale of spiciness.)

And although I’m on a week-long high protein/low carb diet, I am now tempted to return to Birrieria y Cenaduria in Baldwin Park for some of those ropa vieja tacos. The first time I went to this local joint, a sweet older lady working there served me a yummy warm bowl of albondigas soup as I waited for my to-go order. So sweet and motherly (sigh).

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