Sliders anyone?

Whether it’s because of the current economic downturn or more people favoring smaller meals to super-sized ones, many fast-food chains are adding smaller, quick and less-pricier items to their menus.


To add to their mini-sirloin burger craze, Jack in the Box has now added mini buffalo ranch chicken sandwiches – mini Homestyle chicken fillets topped with Frank’s RedHot sauce, ranch sauce and shredded lettuce on toasted mini buns.

I love buffalo sauce so these are on my list to try. I already love the mini-sirloin burgers, with a nice juicy thick mini sirloin patty, slice of cheese, grilled onions all sandwiched between two mini sweet buns.


These are definitely not super-sized, but these three fill me up just fine. These mini’s start at $3.89 plus tax, for three burgers or sandwiches alone.



Moving on from their not-so-difficult fight with KFC and their new grilled chicken, El Pollo Loco is adding more items to their tasty menu such as their new chicken sliders, chicken carnitas tacos, and bringing back barbecue chicken for a limited time.

I recently took a chance on their sliders which come in three ways – bbq, original and spicy all on a mini telera roll – and start at 99 cents each, plus tax.

The original and spicy come with lettuce and either a chipotle spicy sauce or a cool mayonaisse, and a breaded, crunchy, fried chicken patty.

The barbecue is shredded pieces of their flame-grilled chicken smothered in a slightly tangy barbecue sauce with coleslaw.


I only tried the spicy and the bbq and they were pretty tasty for how small they were, but they’re not very fillin. Even after three I was still hungry. They should also still be a little careful when shredding the pieces of chicken for the barbecue – I bit into a small piece of bone in my slider.

Maybe they’ll try mini shakes and wings next.

3 thoughts on “Sliders anyone?

  1. I beg to differ! In our ofcfie, while we love the English-language version, we think the Spanish-language version is actually somehow funnier because it’s uptempo and the little people are more involved throughout! The lyrics are right on. But I’m very interested to hear if there’s any backlash. Anybody taking real offense to this? Or is everyone just laughing?I personally couldn’t have justified putting this out, but as I’m reminded, most good advertising is risk-taking.

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