West Covina’s 5C’s Louisiana Seafood to close

A New Orleans-style Cajun and Creole restaurant in West Covina will
close its doors Sunday after nearly four decades in business in the Los
Angeles area.

Family-owned 5C’s Louisiana Seafood restaurant has served the region in various locations since 1971.

“Throughout the years we have had ups and downs, yet able to recover,”
the owners said in a statement printed and hung throughout the West
Covina Parkway eatery. “But, due to the present slow economy … this
time we are forced to close the doors.”

A staff member said Sunday will be the restaurant’s final operating day.

The full statement from the restaurant’s owners is pictured below.

At right, customers dine at 5C’s Louisiana Seafood on Friday, July 31, in West Covina. (Photos by Evelyn Barge / Staff)


3 thoughts on “West Covina’s 5C’s Louisiana Seafood to close

  1. I’m very sorry to see you guys go. The food and service was second to none. Being from Texas, you guys gave me a since of home. The gumbo was the greatest. You will surly be missed.

  2. The surrounding community and other pockets in LA need to rally support for this venerable institution and keep it alive!! A serious community-grassroots movement is needed here…

    The previous comment about the gumbo is spot-on correct. Their gumbo is the genuine article which is very difficult to find ANYWHERE in LA or the rest of California for that matter.

  3. I have to agree with Donna & Robert I ate there before I really enjoyed the service and food. It’s difficult to find authentic cajan creole food in california.

    I actually went today without knowing that they closed for business people should support 5 C’s as an institution. as I said before excellent service and food…Man this sucks no more southern style goodness Im gonna miss the Po boy sandwiches.

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