Sizzler’s $9.99 Cheeseburger and Endless Salad Bar

I didn’t grow up eating at fancy restaurants. The first time I stepped into a Denny’s I thought it was fancy because we had to be wait to be seated.

So when I first went into Sizzler and saw it’s salad bar I thought I was in heaven. I love creating my own salads and when I was younger I used to eat almost everything in sight. (Can’t really do that now that I’m not as active.)

After high school, I really found out what a fancy restaurant really is but I still love having the freedom of creating my own salad every once in a while, so I made a lunch trip to Sizzler in West Covina with some colleagues recently.

I think Sizzler’s steaks are decent and I definitely loved when they had all-you-can-eat ribs, but I never tried a cheeseburger there.

I took a chance on it this time since the restaurant chain’s promotional commercials of a cheeseburger, side of fries and endless salad bar for only $9.99 had me brainwashed.


I ordered my burger medium raw, I would usually go raw on meat but I didn’t want to take that much of a chance this time. The burger comes with your choice of cheese, I went with Swiss, lettuce, tomato and sliced red onion, which is my fave. Of course I like a little kick so I added some steak sauce and jalapenos.

After a cup of clam chowder soup and a nice helping of salad, complete with mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, bacon bits, sunflower seeds, and drenched in ranch, I dug into my burger.

The toppings were fresh and the meat was cooked the way I ordered, not too raw or too cooked, but the meat didn’t seem to be the best quality of beef used.

I know I’m spoiled because I have a chef at home who makes amazing burgers, any way I want them, but I was dissapointed with the quality at Sizzler. Even Carl’s Jr. and Burger King burger patties taste better.

So finally, I will still be going back to Sizzler for the endless salad bar, including frozen yogurt, but I’ll stick to other menu items I’m more familiar with like steak and lobster next time.

But since I don’t have much room in the belly anymore, the salad bar hits the spot all on its own.

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