Subway’s Buffalo Chicken sandwich

If you haven’t read any of my other posts, then I must say it again – I LOVE BUFFALO! The sauce that is.

So when I heard Subway had a new Buffalo Chicken sandwich and were offering a footlong for only $5, I couldn’t resist trying it.

The chicken, including everything except the sauce, was pretty much just like any other chicken sandwich at Subway – chopped “grilled” chicken strips and any veggie fixin’s you want.

The sauce was what I was most curious about anyway. And though the buffalo sauce was not dissapointing, it wasn’t anything spectacular. Actually, I really think it was just Frank’s Hot Sauce brand.


What definitely didn’t add anything else but soggy bread to the sandwich was the light ranch dressing they drizzle on top of the buffalo sauce, I’m assuming so you get a whole “buffalo wings and sauce” experience.

The sauce didn’t have that bold zesty ranch flavor and I’m guessing because it was light, it was thin and watery so it dripped throughout and out of the sandwich.

I don’t think I would try this sandwich again. I’ll do better adding jalapenos to one of their regular grilled chicken sandwiches to get more flavor or just head to Hooters.

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