Quizno’s Double Cheese Cheesesteak

For those of you who like your cheesesteak sandwiches just as they should be – steak and cheese and steak and cheese – then Quizno’s new Double Cheese Cheesesteak is for you.

The sandwich shop’s new toasty sub is not a torpedoe or bullet so you can get it in a small, regular or large size in white or wheat bread.

It comes with hand-carved marinated prime rib steak slices, double the slices of swiss cheese, sauteed onions and mayo – that’s it.

Sure you may not get your daily recommended servings of vegetables but you can always get a side salad.

I recently tried the small size (ixnay on the mayo though) just to see if it was plenty enough with double the meat and cheese. 


With a side of chips and a drink, the small did satisfy but at the same time, the meat marinade was so tasty and the cheese was all nice and melty that I wanted more even if it was going to make me so full I’d place myself in a food coma – staring into the glare of my computer screen at work.

It’s not the value meal you could find at some other sandwich shops – $5.29 for the small plus $1.99 to make it a combo – but it’s worth the double meat and cheese alone.

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