It’s cookie time!

If you haven’t spotted your favorite girl scout troop tempting you with boxes of their delicious cookies outside the local grocery store, don’t despair, just visit the cookie locator at to find a cookie booth near you.

I recently picked up a few boxes of my favorites – Samoas, Tagalongs – and some of my fiance and family favorites – Thin Mints, Do Si Do’s.

But I couldn’t help but wonder about the most recent flavor – Thank U Berry Munch, made with real cranberries and white fudge chips. I am tempted by the white fudge chips but I’m wary of the cranberries. It’s an ingredient that needs a good balance as it can easily make a dessert either too tart or too sweet.

They should have samples available.

Anyone try the new flavor? If yes, what do you think?

What’s your favorite Girl Scout cookie?

5 thoughts on “It’s cookie time!

  1. yes! nobody wants to celelptmoy give up sweets though (especially cookies!) the others are right, there are quite a few fat free foods you could try, and mixing in of course mroe fruits and vegetables. Make sure your diet is balanced! i know it sounds cliche but its very importent! i suggest going to a nutritionist, they can really help you with a plan and make sure you stay healthy! and that the diet is safe adn effective.

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