KFC’s new sandwich: Have you Doubled Down?

Type calories into Google, and the search site returns a picture of KFC’s new Double Down chicken sandwich.

If you haven’t seen one yet, the Double Down is made with two fried chicken breasts in place of a bun. Sandwiched between them is cheese, bacon and a yellow mystery sauce.

540 calories. 32 grams of fat. 1380 mg of sodium (a grilled chicken version has 460 calories, 23 grams of fat, 1380 calories).

Nobody in our building has built up the nerve to try one yet.

Have you? If so, give us your review. We want details.

7 thoughts on “KFC’s new sandwich: Have you Doubled Down?

  1. Have you ever had a moment in which you realized you’d become a completely different person once it was over?

    The Double Down isn’t a sandwich. It’s an experience.

  2. I ate one last night. My stomach hasn’t even tried to start digesting it. It’s simply standing in awe of what it just experienced.

  3. I work at KFC and I can’t even imagine how many people order those each day. (About 3 out of 5)

    I don’t even like making it since the chicken fillet (as we call it, not buns) is oozing with oil and grease that I have to literally change gloves every single time I have to make one and the paper holder gets so soaked with grease that our manager is trying to find a way to make it look less oily.

    The taste? It’s kinda good but without the regular bread bun, you can taste all the salt from the fillet that your tongue stings and you might feel a slight headache from the effects of to much fat.

    In short, I hate it not because of the calories or any bad stuff it has but I hate it because I have to make it at work.

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  5. Holy cow! (no pun intended) The obeisty rate has doubled but we’ve only added 199 calories a day? It all adds up, but I also supspect and agree that television, video games and computers (about to put mine away) account for an awful lot of lethargy. Love your posts!

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