Not so fresh or easy


So I finally made my first trip to the infamous Fresh & Easy Neighborhood market about a week ago. Ive been hearing about the place for weeks from fellow reporter Jennifer McLain who raves about the European-style market constantly.
My first impression walking in was, Wow. This really reminds of Trader Joes, except not as welcoming. Nevertheless, I made my way over to the lunch section and bought a package of California rolls.
The price was good, under $5. But to be quite honest, I wasnt all that impressed with the quality. First of all, the imitation crab was strangely stringy, and the side slices of ginger did not live up to the markets fresh motto. Not to mention the rolls were not tightly wrapped so they kep falling apart. All in all, it was very mediocre.
Not that I was expecting Zagat-rated food out of a pre-packaged lunch box, but honestly, Ive had better luck buying California rolls from Vons.
The best part of my lunch? A box of Edwards frozen banana cream pie purchased for an office going away party. Highly recommended.