New tostadas at Del Taco

On my way back to the office today, it was getting close to lunch time and I was coming up on the nearest Del Taco at the edge of Baldwin Park, off of Ramona Boulevard.
I decided to stop in and grab some lunch while I was there.
I forwent my usual Big Fat chicken tacos to satisfy my curiosity – Del Taco’s new tostadas at only 89 cents each.
Tostadas as I know them are beans, maybe some type of meat, lettuce, tomato, and cheese all on top of a round, hard (usually fried), corn tortilla. Salsa, sour cream and avocado is optional of course, depending on your preference.
Well, I went ahead and ordered the ‘New Tostada’ meal which came with one tostada, two regular beef crispy tacos, the crinkly-cut fries (one of my favorite kind of fries), and a drink for under $5.
Of course I should have known that at only 89 cents each, there wouldn’t be much to these “tostadas”. But I let the menu picture fool me.
First, this tostada version was the size of a taco-truck tortilla, alot smaller than tostadas as I know them. It did have refried beans, but my lettuce was more white than green, and the cheese, all melted now, was the size of a quarter on one side of my tostada.
And where’s the diced tomato?! I would’ve been happy with at least some white (preferably red of course, but see above) pieces of tomato.
Needless to say I was not too happy with my tostada.
I should know better and stick to my Big Fat chicken!

– Claudia