Canadian Cafe in Monrovia

Dining on a budget:

I walked into the Canadian Cafe in Monrovia ready to take all of Canada they were willing to throw at me.

The amount of time I’ve spent in Canada doesn’t even add up to 20 minutes – the time it took to walk back and forth over The Falls. So I decided to do a bit of culinary research on America’s neighbors to the north.

In addition to the many varieties of fish, shellfish, and other seafood to be found, Quebec is known for its cheese; Ontario, its maple syrup; and in Newfoundland, seal flippers, cod tongues, moose, caribou and venison are among the delicacies.

I didn’t find any of these on the Canadian Cafe’s menu – unless they have an In-N-Out -styled secret menu – so I decided to piece together the most Canadian meal I could.

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