Starbucks happy hour

To promote their new “however-you-want-it” Frappuccino options, Starbucks is holding a happy hour from 3 to 5 p.m. through Sunday, May 16, at participating locations.

Get your favorite Frappuccino for half-off and get options like decaf, no whip, soy, lowfat milk and more.

I don’t drink coffee but I do love ice-blended cappucino beverages so I took advantage of happy hour yesterday.

But it made me wonder if this was more of a counter attack towards McDonald’s for recently releasing their McCafe Frappe’s, their own ice-blended sugar and caffeine loaded drinks.

I got to try the McCafe Caramel Frappe a few weeks ago and my first thought was it was way cheaper than Starbucks. The small was $2.29 and it was bigger than the “small” at Starbucks. 

40926-McD_frappe-thumb-200x266-40925.jpgFor me, it was nicely blended with not a lot of caffeine, and it tasted creamy, more like a smoothie.

I’m caffeine sensitive and don’t need much to get me going so it was perfect for me.

Those who need a bigger shot of caffeine may not be satisfied with the small or even the entire drink altogether.

Might as well take advantage of Starbuck’s Happy Hour while it lasts.