Going turkey at Carl’s Jr.

I’ve professed my love for Carl’s Jr’s Guacamole Bacon Six Dollar burgers before – for a fast food burger, the patty is juicy, the guacamole tastes fresh complete with little chunks of tomato and cilantro, the chipotle spread instead of mayo and red onion, my favorite – it’s delicious!
As much as I love that burger, I admit it can be much. I either can’t finish the whole thing at once or can’t move after I’m done and that does not include fries and a drink.


So when I saw the chain’s new turkey burgers had a guacamole version, I gave in and needed to try it. I don’t believe I ever had a turkey burger before. Actually, having turkey any time other than Thanksgiving is pretty rare for me – I’m all about the pork and beef.
But I was drawn by the fact that Carl’s version is supposed to be under 500 calories and I can still enjoy the guacamole.

When I unwrapped my Turkey Guacamole burger ($3.99), it was already smaller than the six dollar burger. There was plenty of guacamole that for a second, I couldn’t see the turkey patty. With the first bite, I was impressed with the texture of the patty, it wasn’t too weird and it didn’t have a strong taste, letting the guacamole and chipotle spread take care of that part.


I finished the burger pretty quick, for me that is, and happily I was not in a food coma. It was satisfying and a feeling of food guilt didn’t follow.
I do have a few suggestions though for Carl’s Jr store #7393 in Covina – I’m all for not wasting produce, including lettuce, but I would like some green in my lettuce and please don’t be so stingy on the tomato or onion.


Carl’s Jr/Green Burrito’s Crisp Burritos

As much as I am trying to save money by eating out less, I can’t help but want to satisfy a craving for a Carl’s Jr. Six-Dollar Guacamole burger every once in a while. Oh, so good.

I don’t have much else when I go to Carl’s Jr. I once tried a Chicken Club sandwich – it was okay, if it wasn’t for the coupon I had for it, I wouldn’t have tried it.

But now I’ve found another option on their menu – the limited-time only crisp burritos. Essentially these “burritos” are chimichangas.

Carl’s website description is “A crispy flour tortilla filled with seasoned ground beef, cheese and jalapenos – served with Carl’s Jr. Taco Sauce,” but basically they are burritos with seasoned ground beef – fried – which makes them chimichangas (I don’t recall much cheese or any jalapenos).

But not all places can properly fry these little burritos to make the tortilla crispy on the outside and still soft and doughy on the inside and not burn it – Carl’s somehow managed to do that though.



That was really what I liked about them. They were crispy, soft inside and the seasoned beef was good enough. Plus the side of “freshly-made” guacamole (available for an additional charge of 75 cents) is good compared to plenty of other fast food places that offer guacamole. I can’t really say if it was freshly-made but it was tasty and a little chunky so it resembled fresh pretty well. 

The burritos come in 3 or 5 pieces, for $2.89 and $4.59 respectively. They’re definitely a snack though, which is what they were intended for – to prevent men from being ‘crabby’ in between meals (I don’t get it).

If Carl’s decide not to make these “burritos” a staple on their item, they need to come up with more value menu items – because my wallet and health sure can’t afford to be scarfing down Six-Dollar burgers all the time.