Breakfast at Jamba Juice

For awhile now I have been waiting for the Jamba Juice ( in West Covina to feature the chain’s new breakfast menu, and now it’s here! Yay!

I first tried the new breakfast blends at the Jamba Juice in Eagle Rock and fell in love.


I’m not that crazy about yogurt, especially alone, but when it’s blended with fruit and juices, and I can’t tell there is yogurt inside, it’s yummy and adds a nice consistency to the blend.

The new breakfast menu features three granola toppers – blends featuring yogurt, juice, fruit and any other extra add-ins (peanut butter for those pb lovers) – topped with fresh granola, eaten with a spoon, of course.

I have tried the mango-peach topper and the berry topper, but the mango is my favorite. The granola is not too hard and tastes fresh and crunchy.

The yogurt-fruit blend is thick enough to hold the granola on top until the blend begans to melt, but I like to mix it into the blend to get a good amount of granola with every scoop.

And because it’s made thicker than the usual drink blends at Jamba Juice, you might find bits of what I like to call little treasures – chunks of fruit.

Of course, even though these are listed under the breakfast meals, they make a great healthy snack anytime.

A 12 oz. serving is 390 calories with 7 grams of fiber, 10 grams of protein, and a healthy dose of vitamins A, C and calcium.

I already had some for breakfast this morning at the West Covina Jamba Juice but I may just have to go back to the Eagle Rock location tonight after work!