The Elephant Bar in West Covina


Dining on a budget:
By Richard Irwin
Here’s the rub: I felt like something exotic for lunch. I’m thinking Wildebeast or gazelle, you know a lean meat to keep the cholesterol down.
But it’s hard enough to find venison or buffalo on local menus, what chance did I have for game from the dark continent.
Fortunately, the answer came in the form of a $5 off coupon from the Elephant Bar Restaurant in West Covina. Surely, they would have something unusual for lunch.
And if pachyderms drank there then it couldn’t be all that bad. After all, everyone knows elephants never forget anything, let alone a bad meal.
So I called my trusty gun bearer, Marlene, and we set out to find this African restaurant. Unless, of course, it was an Indian elephant in which case I guess I would have to settle for curry.
I never travel alone into territory known to harbor large predators, you know places like Hollywood, Compton or biker bars. By taking a friend, I know I don’t have to run faster than an angry lion, cheetah or Harley rider. I just have to run faster than my friend.
Survival of the fittest, I always say.
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