Mr. Pollo in West Covina

2865-Mr. Pollo-thumb-300x213.jpg

Through my most recent dining experience, it’s come to my attention that “Peruvian food” is synonymous with “a whole lot of chicken.”

The vessel for this realization was Mr. Pollo, a Peruvian restaurant in West Covina that does chicken in a wide variety of ways for a reasonable price.

And I have to say, a decidedly positive element to a particular culture’s tastes revolving around one central animal is that they know how to do it right.

Located in an unassuming strip mall off of Azusa Avenue, one might not expect greatness from such a bland locale. When I walked in, I was hit with the color brown: brown floors, brown tables, brown walls and even brown art on the walls.
The only thing missing was Bobby Brown, the Cleveland Browns and the local brownie troupe.

No matter, though. A certain postulate gaining more and more validity in my head lately is that the more unattractive the restaurant, the better the food.
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