Vermin in Japanese restaurant

5626-bishamon 001.jpg When a restaurant gets shut down by the Health Department, it’s not only embarrassing for the restaurant owners/managers, it’s also embarrassing for its customers.

On Thursday, Bishamon, a Japanese restaurant in downtown Covina, had this sign on the front door. “Closed due to construction.”

The front window displayed the Health Department’s closure notice. “Vermin infestation, no hot water, scored below 70.”

I couldn’t believe it. I’ve eaten at this restaurant at least a dozen times, and I go there about once a month. The restaurant has plenty of customers, and the sushi bar is usually full. I thought the food was pretty good and never dreamed about unsanitary conditions in the kitchen.

I’ve even taken my friends to Bishamon and recommended it to others. How embarrassing.

There’s no way to know that these poor conditions were around when I dined there, but it certainly makes you wonder.

5627-bishamon 002.jpg

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