Burger King’s McD’s knock-off muffin sandwich

I’m not a huge fan of McDonald’s food except for their breakfast. So when I saw the commercials featuring “The King” from Burger King, breaking into what is supposed to be McD’s headquarters and stealing what looks like the recipe for their English muffin breakfast sandwiches. Of course, it’s just a diagram-type picture pointing to the simple ingredients – muffin, cheese, sausage and egg.


The price of Burger King’s English muffin is great – $1 each, plus tax – but I had to compare the taste.

The first thing I noticed that earned the BK breakfast sandwich points over McD’s, is the egg. Usually, McD’s egg is a poached-style egg. You can special order a “boiled” or “folded egg”, which is a folded rectangle scrambled egg, which is usually what I do. At BK, it is already a scrambled egg, no dry yolk amongs the egg white – great.

The sausage had the right spices and texture, although I can’t say if it would stand against McD’s sausage on its own, since McD’s has more of a pepper-kick that I like.

And surprisingly, the greasiness didn’t come from the melted American cheese or the sausage, it came from the muffin. Yeah, pretty odd if I say so myself.

It was as if it was grilled in butter. Tasty, but I made sure to eat healthy the rest of the day, to try to stave off the heart attack it may have caused eating that sandwich.

The BK muffin is also available with egg, cheese and bacon, instead of sausage.

Which do you prefer – McDonald’s or Burger King?