Hello Southern California!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

In this case, we have chosen to edit it in order to provide an extension to the ‘first post’. Simply stated, we want to embed an image and type enough meaningless drivel to force word wrap and allow for playing with formatting possibilities within the editor.

The embedded image here has been resized and left aligned so that the text of the post wraps around it in an attractive way.  When editing the post, clicking on the image will present two icons in the upper left corner of the image.  One for editing it’s layout characteristics and one for deleting it.

Within the edit image window, there is an option to override the image link URL so that clicking on the image will take the user to another page, site or application.  There is also an ‘Advanced Settings’ tab that will allow you to adjust the size, vertical and horizontal spacing of the image.

Once your modifications are complete, click on the blue ‘Update’ button that is within the Publish window at the top of the right hand column.

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