Robert Guerrero: This is David and Goliath

As Floyd Mayweather Jr. would say, 43 have tried, 43 have failed. True, but perhaps none of Mayweather’s 42 opponents – he fought Jose Luis Castillo twice – were as aligned with the main upstairs like Robert “The Ghost” Guerrero is with Him.

Yes, Mayweather is arguably the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world. However, Guerrero is confident He has put him in this spot so he can hand Mayweather his first setback when they square off May 4 at MGM Grand in Las Vegas (on Showtime pay-per-view).


“God’s putting me in this position for a reason and God’s groomed me and prepped me for this time to take over boxing,” said Guerrero, who will challenge Mayweather for his welterweight title.

Guerrero is a devout Christian, so he’s very serious about this.

“That’s why it’s like a modern day David and Goliath,” he said. “You’ve got David, who God anointed him and put him through the fire, who took on bears and lions and tigers, wolves, and nobody recognized it. And when it came time to fighting Goliath, everybody thought he was unbeatable. And David came along, took him on and slayed him with a slingshot and some pebbles. That’s why I say, God’s put me in this position for a reason.”

Guerrero, 30, is 31-1-1 with 18 knockouts. Mayweather, 36, is 43-0 with 26 knockouts.


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