Promoter Ken Thompson always gets in at least one really good line

Ken Thompson has always been a bit nervous when he’s speaking at the podium. But the Orange County-based promoter has improved by leaps and bounds over the years, and these days he always seems to manage to get in at least one really cool line at a news conference.

He perhaps got in the best at Monday’s news conference in Los Angeles formally announcing the June 8 welterweight main event between Josestio Lopez of Riverside and Marcos Maidana of Argentina at Home Depot Center (on Showtime). It figures to be a very explosive and hard-hitting fight, so Thompson came with some good stuff.

“When Josesito Lopez and Marcos Maidana enter the ring for the main event on June 8, no judges will be needed,” Thompson said. “This fight will end with one great fighter laying in the middle of the ring, while the other great fighter will be standing and getting his hand raised in victory.”

Of course, Thompson co-promotes Lopez, so he believes that fighter getting his hand raised will be, in Thompson’s words, “the ‘Riverside Rocky,’ Josesito Lopez.”

Maidana is 33-3 with 30 knockouts. Ortiz is 30-5 with 18 knockouts.

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