Floyd Mayweather Jr. again is highest-paid athlete in American sports

Welterweight champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. is the highest-paid athlete in American sports for the second consecutive year, according to an Associated Press story citing Sports Illustrated as its source.

According to SI, Mayweather is expected to make $90 million this year; he made at least $32 million for his May 4 title defense against Robert “The Ghost” Guerrero in Las Vegas.

Coming in way behind Mayweather on SI’s annual list is LeBron James of the Miami Heat. His 2013 earnings are projected at $56,545,000, with $39 million of that coming from endorsements. Interestingly, all $90 of Mayweather’s earnings will come from boxing. Mayweather is the only athlete on the top 10 list with none of his money coming from endorsements.

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