Hard-hitting Keith ‘One Time’ Thurman will be featured on Showtime in July

If you have yet to catch the work of Keith “One Time” Thurman, you’ll get another chance on July 27 when the heavy-handed welterweight takes on another hard-hitter in Diego Gabriel Chaves of Argentina in an interim title fight at AT & T Center in San Antonio (on Showtime).

Thurman is 20-0 with 18 knockouts. His moniker speaks for itself. He has nine first-round knockouts, eight of them coming consecutively at the outset of his career.

“I’m looking forward to fighting for an interim title and doing it against someone like Chaves,” said Thurman, of Clearwater, Fla. “I’m not going to have to chase him or get him to fight. We’re going to battle and I’m going to be the last man standing.”

After voicing his appreciation for this fight, Chaves (22-0, 18 KOs) became patriotic.

“We’re proud people and proud fighters in Argentina,” he said, “and I’m going to show this to the world July 27.”

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