Mickey Bey looks to get back on track against John Molina of Covina

After knocking out Robert Rodriguez in the third round in February at The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas, super featherweight Mickey Bey of Cleveland sported a record of 19-0-1 with 10 knockouts. But he tested positive for elevated testosterone levels afterward and that victory was changed to a no-contest, leaving him at 18-0-1 with nine knockouts.

It was a setback for the 30-year-old Bey, who still maintains he was not guilty of taking banned substances. But he has moved on and Friday he will take on John Molina of Covina in the lightweight main event at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino (on Showtime).

That fight against Rodriguez was Bey’s first under the Mayweather Promotions banner.

“I should have been champion many years ago,” said Bey, who once again is being trained by Floyd Mayweather Sr. “When I’m on point, there isn’t anybody who can hang in there with me.  It’s just a relief to be signed with Mayweather Promotions, who’s got my best interests in mind on every level.  You’re going to see better performances out of me just because of that.”

Bey knows one thing, Molina (25-3, 20 KOs) can crack, even if his technical boxing skills are not the best.

“I think John Molina is a good fighter, tough and strong,” Bey said. “He’s got a lot of punching power and he’s got a lot of knockouts. I think he’s a real solid opponent. He’s not the best technically, skill-wise, but he’s got experience and a lot of power.  That’s always dangerous, although I’ve got a great defense.  People fought him thinking they would beat him and left with a KO on their record.  That’s one thing I’m aware of.”


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