Brandon Rios speaking in confident tones about upcoming fight with Pacquiao

Brandon Rios will be in the biggest fight of his career when he takes on Manny Pacquiao on Nov. 23 at Venetian Resort in Macao, China (on HBO pay-per-view). During the current press tour promoting the event, Rios has been bold.

For example, he believes he is more dangerous than Juan Manuel Marquez, who shocked the world when he viciously knocked out Pacquiao in the sixth round of their fight this past December in Las Vegas.

“I think I hit harder than Marquez, so the pressure will be on Manny right away,” said Rios, the former lightweight world champion from Oxnard. “Manny hits hard, has a lot of speed and movement – but nothing I cannot handle.”

Rios also suggested he is the future of Top Rank Inc., which promotes Rios and Pacquiao.

“I want to be Top Rank’s new big star,” Rios, 27, said. “I am younger, I can trade and take a shot, and I want the kind of money Manny makes.”

Who doesn’t?

Rios is 31-1-1 with three knockouts. Pacquiao, 34, is 54-5-2 with 38 knockouts.

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