Mike Tyson gives his thoughts on Floyd Mayweather Jr.-Saul Alvarez fight

Former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson this week weighed in on Saturday’s junior middleweight title fight between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Saul “Canelo” Alvarez at MGM Grand in Las Vegas (on Showtime pay-per-view).

Not surprisingly, he’s picking Mayweather.

“I’ve only seen ‘Canelo’ fight twice – against (Josesito) Lopez and (Austin) Trout,” Tyson said. “Trout gave him some trouble and he isn’t as experienced and as technically skilled as Floyd is. Floyd stays in tip-top shape and is a very relaxed fighter. He is at his peak. It’s going to be hard for anybody to beat Floyd now unless he doesn’t train.

“Floyd has transcended the game so much that the best fighters out there now try to emulate his style. Floyd wins by a decision.”

Mayweather is 44-0 with 26 knockouts. Alvarez is 42-0-1 with 30 knockouts.

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