Former heavyweight champion Leon Spinks in Las Vegas hospital

Leon Spinks/Photo courtesy of Associated Press


Former heavyweight champion Leon Spinks is in a Las Vegas hospital after a second operation for abdominal issues, the Associated Press reported Monday morning.

According to the story, Spinks had his second surgery over the past few days after experiencing complications from a first emergency surgery.

His wife, Brenda Spinks, spoke to the Associated Press.

“It’s going to be a long road ahead,” she said, “but he’s strong and he’s starting to recover.”

Spinks, 61, is from St. Louis. He shocked the boxing world when, in February 1978, he won a split-decision over Muhammad Ali to win two of the heavyweight world titles. It was just Spinks’ eighth professional fight.

Spinks went 26-17-3 with 14 knockouts fighting from 1977-95.

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