Villa-Parke Boxing Club to play host to ‘Cops in My Corner’ show on Dec. 14

The Villa-Parke Boxing Club on Dec. 14 will play host to an amateur show dubbed “Cops in My Corner” at the Villa-Parke Community Center, which is located at 363 E. Villa St. in Pasadena.

A total of 20 bouts featuring boys and girls age 8 and older are on tap. Competition begins at noon and is scheduled to end at 6 p.m. A donation of $5 could be made by those 12 and older in lieu of admission.

The Pasadena Police Department, the South Pasadena Police Department as well as the Police Activities League have been long supporters of the Villa-Parke boxing program.

“PAL gives beginning boxers training classes, which is a fun way for youth to learn the fundamentals of boxing and fitness while being supported by dedicated professionals who emphasize sportsmanship and respect for others. I believe that every kid needs a PAL and a ‘Cop in their Corner’,” said Phillip Sanchez, Pasadena Police Chief, in a news release.


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