Floyd Mayweather Sr. back in son’s corner

It’s been 13 years since Floyd Mayweather Sr. worked the corner as lead trainer for Floyd Jr. The elder Mayweather is back in that capacity and will be in his son’s corner Saturday when he defends his welterweight title against Robert “The Ghost” Guerrero. They will square off at MGM Grand in Las Vegas (on Showtime pay-per-view).

Both Floyd Sr. and his brother, Roger, are battling illnesses. Floyd Sr. has sarcoidosis, a disease affecting the lungs. Roger, uncle and longtime trainer to Floyd Jr. until now, has diabetes and apparently is not as healthy as Floyd Sr. Thus, the switch, Floyd Jr. said.

“Well, my dad – of course, he’s a boxing wizard and Roger’s a boxing wizard – so you can’t go wrong with either guy,” Floyd Jr. said. “My dad is the main trainer and, of course, like I said before, it’s not like I fired anyone. It’s just that my dad’s a little sick, but he’s a lot healthier than Roger is.


“Roger’s … health is not at its best right now and my main focus is I want a guy that’s in my corner that’s sharp and healthy.  But he (Roger) still works day in and day out with me every day as far as and keeping me sharp.”

Floyd Jr. said his father will be the man in charge of his corner Saturday and that Roger won’t even be in the corner.

“No, I don’t think Roger will be in my corner,” Floyd Jr. said. “I don’t need both in my corner, but both guys are my trainers. Of course, my dad is the head guy in my corner.”

Floyd Sr. and Floyd Jr. have had a well-known volatile relationship. This move is seen by some as something that could change that.


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