Pitbull Palin’s perfect pitching performance

From frontrunner to footnote

In one bold stroke, Sarah Palin in her VP acceptance speech eliminated Hillary Clinton from the equation. Palin showed the grit and tenacity Hillary discovered too late in the primaries. Hillary’s in a no-win situation: if Obama wins, she can’t run in 2012 — as a Democrat. If McCain wins, Palin breaks the glass ceiling first, and since McCain is likely to serve one term, Palin is sitting in the proverbial catbird’s seat. Suddenly it’s Hillary Has-been. Her hopes dashed by the Killer Bs: Bill and Bosnia.

News you can use

Hey goombahs, notice that MSNBC was going out of its way with its Palin praise? That news network — along with other so-called liberal lambchop bias news outlets — has been hammered by the GOP all week for its relentless pursuit of getting background info on the unknown gov of Alaska. MSNBC, don’t wimp out like you did during the primary season when the Clintons and “Saturday Night Live” shamed you into curbing what they characterized as your Obama worship. Your network folded faster than a circus tent in the path of a tornado. MSNBC has real potential to shake things up. Good move giving Rachel Maddow her own show. She’s an oddity: a fearless liberal. “Countdown” with Keith O. is always a must. But Chris Matthews is an acquired taste. Like my boss said, he can’t watch Matthews because he feels like he’s being yelled at. Boss wanted to say more, but I interrupted him. Yo, Chris, you tend to be a bandwagon leaper. Also, listen and let people finish their thoughts before you pontificate. You come off like Quentin Tarantino on speed.

No political party should tell news organizations how to do its job. True, since news coverage is now 24/7, a lot of it is overbearing and overdone. But a free press is still the best defense against an offense that’s offensive. People always say the news is too negative, but people are natural voyeurs who can’t take their eyes off what grabs their attention.

Advice to Barack Obama

Stop the “McCain voted 90% of the time with Bush” stump speech. It’s almost as old as McCain. It’s certainly as tired as Joe Liebermann. Hint of the century: Keep ripping McCain on his temperment. There’s real fire there.

Attack Palin’s lack of experience. She let the subject in the front door like for a friend. Time to hammer the company she keeps. Play up the angle that the GOP hit you relentlessly on being a celebrity and yet they created one of their own. Like to see an ad mimicking the GOP attack on Obama. “Sure, she’s a rising star, but is she ready to assume the presidency …?”

Stay away from campaigning in San Francisco. Remember the “God and guns” comment you made near there. If Gallup should ever take a poll on the most hated city in the nation, S.F. would win hands down. It’s never been forgiven for hippies.

Show more enthusiasm — remember what brung ya to the dance. McCain comes off more energized.

Be relentless to the fact that Bush only got 8 minutes via satellite at the GOP convention — like some weird uncle who had to send a video birthday card because if he showed up in person, the familywould have to count the silverware after he left. And what up with Cheney all of a sudden skipping the country to address world problems overseas? What, the usual undisclosed location wasn’t available?

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