Return to gender

No need to skirt the issue any longer, gender is back in the presidential race. It wasn’t resurrected by the Left Coast whacko Sarandonites, but rather the right wingnuts of the GOP. Too bad, they had a good thing going there with the McPalin ticket, but got all riled up with the personal questions about the Alaska gov.

GOP women office holders always struck me as being above the sexism thing — mainly because they don’t have politically correct hounds with their endless lists of “don’ts and don’ts.” Dem women office holders seem too suspicious of their male partisans and come off at times like they have to keep auditioning for the part. GOP women put on a better show and seem at ease knowing they own the role.

Both sides need to stop with the sexism charges. Palin is the GOP’s chosen one and looks like she can deal with the big bad wolves. That is if the McCain camp will ever let her go out on her own. Sure, they’re riding the wave of her instant celebrity, but get on with it.

Here’s the deal: Take off the gloves and let everybody at it. Stop with the personalities and the gender bias whining. Women have proven they can get votes — from mayor up to presidential contender. There are no limits anymore so limit the fight to the good fight. Don’t use sexism as an end to all means. You’re a contender for the same office as a man. Everyone is on equal footing to stand tall or fall. Them’s the rules — no exceptions.


So far this election cycle, the GOP has been the beneficiary (or from their moral apex, blessed) with good luck. By default, the party nominated the only candidate who could beat a Democrat in this media-dubbed Democratic year. Romney would’ve been a wash — a zillionare in tough economic times sends the wrong message. Rudy 9-11 sold his soul for political gain off of a great American tragedy — and it did him in early. McCain got lucky again with the Palin pick. Although the honeymoon will soon be over, her selection gave the ticket the big bounce it needed — not to mention turning this whole campaign on its ear.

Obama, meanwhile, didn’t listen. He let the “dream team ticket” go in one ear and out the other. It could be his downfall. The consensus was an O-Clinton ticket was the proverbial game-changer; the election would be in the books for the Dems. Until it was M’s turn to choose. You gotta give McCain this: he’s been underestimated. I believe he still would’ve tapped Palin as his running mate, regardless if Hillary was on the ticket. Of course, he would’ve been the odd man out, so to speak, if that happened. But a debate pitting Hillary against Palin would have been worthy of pay-per-view.


Politically Savvy Femme told me how she thinks women might vote this November. She said if there’s a “surge” of “hockey moms” like never before, or if women start adopting the Palin look — be it that funky “do” or those Palin-prescription glasses, then it spells doom for Obama. The GOP would’ve won — personality over proposals. OK, so that’s superficial, I say. To which PSF responds with: Ask women the really tough question: Would you rather see the first African-American male elected president, or the first woman vice president?

Either way it’s a step in the right direction. Right now, McPalin is walking the walk. The ticket is more energetic, upbeat, smart, funny, and effectively negative. OBiden seems to be headed down the cliched slippery slope to an electoral college landslide defeat. You can almost count the states he’ll carry on your fingers and thumbs. With Hillary on the ticket, it would’ve been a show of hands.

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