It’s the fundamentals, stoopid

It’s been a tough week for Wall Street — and even a tougher one for John McCain. The best thing he can say about this week is it’s almost over. Then maybe he can get back to the real issues, like drilling and Obama’s riskiness — not fundamentals (translation: America’s working men and women.) McCain, whose eyes gloss over when corned on economic issues, looked as out of touch as the Golden Girls at a rave on Wednesday when he campaigned at an auto plant in Detroit. It didn’t help when he asked how the new line of Studebakers were coming along.

The latest GOP attack maintains Obama is “cheerleading the crisis” on Wall Street. Sort of like what McCain was doing during the Russia-Georgia conflict that smacked of national security issues. “Today, we are all Georgians,” McCain said at the time. Not a slogan that caught on.

Obama may have found a slogan that has legs when he said “the old boys’ network is a McCain staff meeting.” Good idea for a TV ad: While Obama repeats that phrase, show photos of those good ol’ boys so voters will know who they are and therefore can become infamous. McCain has had some fatalists as economic advisors. There’s Phil “mental recession; we’re a nation of whiners” Gramm. Then the bozo who essentially implied that McCain helped invent the blackberry. But front and center is the latest economic advisor forced into a time-out in the naughty corner: Carly Fiorina, who actually slithers instead of walks. She said McCain couldn’t be a CEO of a major corporation. This Ice Princess was the CEO of Hewlitt-Packard who fired 18,000 people and later said her only regret was that she “couldn’t have fired more.” This Medusa was later fired herself — but not before she pocketed a cool $42 million. She makes Dick Cheney look like he has a heart.

Obama should take heart and use Bill Clinton as much as he can right now during this financial meltdown — if only to remind voters of the good old days that were the 1990s. Sure, Bubba is the past, but he’s the only one who can sell the premise that what’s past is prologue.


What do women want? Ah, the riddle of the universe. But can someone hurry up and let us know? That burning question is raised every political season — almost as much as lies and innuendo. Time magazine thinks it has come up with this year’s “soccer moms” and “security moms.” It’s “maxed-out moms.” What a brainstorming session that must’ve been. Wonder what the losing potential catch-phrases were. In any event, “maxed-out moms” doesn’t have the same punch as the aforementioned phrases. But TV news will run with it — only because they’re not very creative either. Unless you count putting the word “gate” after every potential political scandal.


President Bush canceled fund-raisers in order to give his full attention (God forbid) to this economic fiascoization. Those GOP candidates must be breathing a sigh of relief that W won’t be seen with them. This is the second time a crisis has helped the GOP. A hurricane kept President Political Poison away from appearing in person at the GOP convention. Secretly, those GOP candidates who would’ve had to appear with W must be “cheerleading this crisis.”

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews said Bush was “pulling a Katrina” by not showing any leadership. That he should go on TV and address the nation. That would be as disasterous as his presidency. The Stock Market crash of 1929 would pale in comparison. Let W do what he does best: clear brush. That’s the only mess he’s capable of cleaning up.

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