“It Happened at the U.N.”

Picture if you will an Elvis movie musical from 1964 called “It Happened at the U.N.” with a new cast of characters to support the King. Elvis plays a working-class Joe employed at the U.N.’s food court but wants to be a rock ‘n’ roll singer. Sarah Palin has the Ann-Margret role as a tour guide who gets to meet world leaders and becomes a quick study when pressed into service as a substitute teacher at foreign policy school. Sarah Ann-Margret gets to shimmy with the class going to a-go-go style as she sings and dances to “Putin on the Ritz.” Elvis, meanwhile, gets center stage with his song about the new Georgian president: “Ah, Saakashvilli, ah-huh-huh; ah, Saakashvilli, ah-huh-huh.”

John McCain is cast as a thinly-disguised Colonel Parker character who looks like he’s working his butt off to get Elvis a singing contract, but who is really in it for to further his own personal wealth. Barack Obama has a minor role as an intelligent foreign exchange student from Kenya who Elvis befriends at the food court while Barack is flippin’ burgers in order to help him work his way through law school. Joe Biden plays the sarcastic food court manager who goes ballistic when Elvis shakes up the place and turns it into a 1960s discotheque.

Sarah Ann-Margret and Elvis share a love song, “Kissin’ ain’t foreign to my policy.” The finale has the whole cast dancing and singing up a storm to the tune “There’s no place like Nome.” This serves as a preview of coming attractions as Elvis and Sarah Ann-Margret head to Alaska for their next movie musical, “Priscilla Wassilla.”


Here’s the commercial shown prior to the movie. Put your own video to this ditty. The words should be sung to the theme from “The Flintstones.”

“GOP — meet the GOP —

they’re the modern Stone Age political party.

From the folks that brought you Nixon —

they own the issue of national security.

“They have a tight grip on wars and free trade —

say good-bye to health care and Roe v. Wade.

“When you’re with the GOP —

they’ll be family values time —

man, woman and child time —

they’ll be no gay old time….”

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  1. This job market just keeps getting smaller while the unemployment rate goes up, this is not a good sign for the next generation.

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