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The buck starts here

Congress fails to pass the $700 billion bailout bill and the stock market plummets 777 points. There was more blame than concern on Capitol Hill yesterday. Some Republicans said they voted against the bill because House Speaker Nancy Pelosi gave … Continue reading

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Not speaking their minds

Expect some really nasty McCain-approved messages about Obama this week. It’s retaliation for McCain’s less-than-stellar performance in that first presidential debate. The first indication his camp was secretly not impressed was the fact VP candidate Sarah Palin wasn’t spinning during … Continue reading

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Rebel with a cause

In movies as in real life, Steve McQueen was cool — but even he wanted to be Paul Newman. The quinessential leading man, then auto racing enthusiast, and ultimately — and maybe most importantly — humanitarian died Friday at 83. … Continue reading


The show must go on

As long as little Johnny McCain gets his way, the first presidential debate of 2008 will take place Friday. McCain is taking credit for leadership in the $700 Billion bailout negotiations. McCain swooped down on D.C. like he was still … Continue reading

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Shucks and awe

President Bush was set to address the nation tonight on the $700 Billion bailout to rescue the ailing economy. You remember President Bush — the guy America elected twice because he was the one they’d most like to have a … Continue reading

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“It Happened at the U.N.”

Picture if you will an Elvis movie musical from 1964 called “It Happened at the U.N.” with a new cast of characters to support the King. Elvis plays a working-class Joe employed at the U.N.’s food court but wants to … Continue reading

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With friends like this, who needs Emmys?

Awards shows, it has been said, are like bad traffic accidents — you know they’re going to be ugly, but you can’t help but look at them. Last night’s Emmy awards was a head-on collision between big rig-sized egos and … Continue reading

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Anger management

The presidential candidates gave the public a glimpse of how they might handle a crisis when, last week, the financial meltdown awoke the nation’s paranoia. Obama displayed a calm demeanor, while McCain threatened to fire people left and right who … Continue reading

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It’s the fundamentals, stoopid

It’s been a tough week for Wall Street — and even a tougher one for John McCain. The best thing he can say about this week is it’s almost over. Then maybe he can get back to the real issues, … Continue reading

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Celebrity jeopardy

The most famous celebrity in the world rubbed elbows and collected cash at a fundraiser from those loveable liberals at a fundraiser in Hollywood. Barbra Streisand crooned, Jamie Lee Curtis swooned, Will Ferrell bufooned. Not to be overshadowed, John McCain … Continue reading

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