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Listen to what I say, not to what I didn’t do

The economy is in the dumper, and the one candidate for president who went on record as saying he doesn’t know much about the economy is coming out of this crisis smelling like a rose. That Old Spice works everytime.Yesterday, … Continue reading

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Crazy like on Fox

Sean Insanity of Fox Swoons is interviewing Sarah Palin on Tuesday. Are you for real? He’ll be tossing so many softball questions at her he’ll have to throw underhand. Insanity — actually, it’s Hannity — is so far to the … Continue reading

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Saturday Night Barely Alive

Not surprisingly, Tina Fey returned to the opener of “Saturday Night Live” to portray her look-alike inner child Sarah Palin. Nothing special here, except the almost creepy resemblance. Like Palin, she didn’t offer anything new. Michael Phelps — who, in … Continue reading

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It took a village trailblazer

Poor Hillary Clinton. The role of her lifetime seems to be victim. This year is no different. This time she’s a victim of cruel irony. Hillary spent millions of dollars and owes millions of dollars more and went through grueling … Continue reading


Bill and Barack’s excellent adventure

The two heavyweights of the Democratic Party are finally going to have a sit down for the Big Pow Wow to talk strategy — as well as to dress the wounds of bruised egos. Since there’s no way to be … Continue reading


The mavericks are coming, the mavericks are coming

Rustle up the posse to fight the cultural wars, pilgrim. Out West where men are men and women are pioneers, Doc McCain and Sidekick Sarah are circlin’ the wagons on reformin’ Washington. They’re gonna round up the special interest bandits, … Continue reading

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Return to gender

No need to skirt the issue any longer, gender is back in the presidential race. It wasn’t resurrected by the Left Coast whacko Sarandonites, but rather the right wingnuts of the GOP. Too bad, they had a good thing going … Continue reading

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Field days

It’s the time of the season for sports lovin’, fellow goombahs. The NFL is on and the baseball playoffs are a few dozen double-headers away. NFL SURE BETS 1. No team will go undefeated, the G-men won’t repeat, California teams … Continue reading

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Pitbull Palin’s perfect pitching performance

From frontrunner to footnote In one bold stroke, Sarah Palin in her VP acceptance speech eliminated Hillary Clinton from the equation. Palin showed the grit and tenacity Hillary discovered too late in the primaries. Hillary’s in a no-win situation: if … Continue reading

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An M is a W turned upside down

Barack Obama is wrong. John McCain does get it. Marry a former beauty queen and offer her up at Biker Woodstock as a contestant in a Miss Hog Wild contest; pick a runner-up in a beauty pageant for your Veep … Continue reading

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