Lipstick on a Pygmalion

It’s probably not a coincidence that Halloween is so close to Election Day. It’s the time of the season when role playing is a must, even though at times it’s not as scary as the real deal. Halloween is perfect for Republicans, who are the mad scientists capable of raising fear from the grave at any given moment and frightening the faint of heart. That means you, voter. This year the Democrats are easily cast in this rocky horrible picture show: Joe Biden is perfectly suited as the Invisible Man, and Barack Obama is Klaatu, from “The Day the Earth Stood Still,” a super-intelligent being from who knows where — an embodiment of the fear of the unknown.

Over on the GOP side, it’s a mix of monsters, musicals and stage play. There have been reports of infighting in the McCain campaign — with Sarah “Drilla from Wasilla” Palin the main ingredient stirring the bubbling cauldron. Palin was supposed to have been Eliza Doolittle — the character in “My Fair Lady” who is based on George Bernard Shaw’s lady in his play “Pygmalion.” Well, Palin has become more like the female robot in the classic German expressionist silent film “Metropolis.” It’s alive! Alive I tell you! The GOP has created its own monster — a holy terror that’s in the image of itself. McCain aides have called her “diva” and “a whack job.” No doubt words from sexist male Republicans who have no control over a woman on the ticket. Pygmalion Palin is the bride of Frankenstein — with a better wardrobe but no fright wig. Just in time for Halloween, Palin is this year’s costume favorite of divas everywhere. Women — and apparently drag queens — are getting into the act. They just won’t have near enough money to afford her make-up artist.
Palin — who some McCain aides said has gone rogue — is the modern day (dare I say feminist?) version of Shaw’s creation. She’s more Professor Henry Higgins than McCain. The right wingnuts, who have never liked McCain, control the heart and soul of the party. They didn’t have to educate Palin so she can learn to spew God is a Republican nonsense or spreading hate and fear like it was some mad Democrat who wants to spread the wealth. She was already brain-washed. The GOP’s problem was McCain, who had trouble going there. Not anymore — thanks to his Professor Henrietta Higgins. There’s a song from “My Fair Lady” called “Why can’t a woman be more like a man.” The played cliche “be careful what you wish for” doesn’t hold water as far as the GOP is concerned with Palin. It’s still a problem as to whether McCain can struggle staying afloat.
In any case, the scare tactics won’t stop after Halloween.

Joe the Plumber — still clogging America’s drain — is working with a publicist to break into the Country Western bidness as a singer. Well, there’s a little known, OK, not known, aspiring rap artist named Max the Knife. Max builds himself as the only hip-hop artist supporting McCain-Palin. Consequently, he also bills himself as the loneliest man in the world. In any event, he’s got his own song for Sarah. So here’s the world premeire (and straight to oblivion) rap song “Drilla from Wasilla.”

“With the RNC’s $150Gs

the drilla went Vogue

she got so bold

drilla went rogue.

Drilla from Wasilla

Alaska’s a bone-chilla

lookin’ MILF in a red jacket

like Michael’s “Thrilla”

She’s fine and fiery

on the attack

her own people

call her whack … whack!

She know the deck stacked

but this hockey mom got back.

Drilla from Wasilla

oil means gas for your car filla

take it from Max

take a chilla pilla

Drilla from Wasilla

running with a dude

older than Atilla!”

Happy haunting…..

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