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Lipstick on a Pygmalion

It’s probably not a coincidence that Halloween is so close to Election Day. It’s the time of the season when role playing is a must, even though at times it’s not as scary as the real deal. Halloween is perfect … Continue reading

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Play it again shams

Having covered the 10 dumbest things said so far on the campaign trail, it’s time to visit the 10 most annoying and played — in many cases, overplayed — issues of the primary and general election seasons that have dominated … Continue reading

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The best and not-real brightest

OK, Election Day is a week away and there’s still plenty of time for someone from either campaign to say or do something so outrageous it will seal the deal for the other guy. But here’s a list (that could … Continue reading

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Talkin’ ’bout my generation

Many a card-carrying member of the baby boom generation (we have no control over when we’re born) have come to realize that the last two presidents — Bubba and W., boomers both — have been disappointments — albiet in different … Continue reading

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Hoaxes and harbingers

The headline might sound like the title of a new medieval-themed video game, but it relates to the gamesmanship of the 2008 campaign’s final stretch. But more about that later. First, it was another weird week for the McCain campaign … Continue reading


There’s something about Sarah

Maybe the liberal elite press corps has it wrong. Perhaps the polls are misleading or just plain inaccurate. Could be Sarah Palin is the secret weapon that could cancel any threat of an invasion from socialism. The perfect hockey mom … Continue reading

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The SATs (Socialist Advocate Test)

Got your No. 2 pencil ready? You’ve got 5 minutes to take this SAT (Socialist Advocate Test) to see if you live in pro-America or anti-America. Ready? Go! 1. The real news media is to pro-America what Fox News is … Continue reading

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Bizarro America

If there really is an Obamaland out there in the must-win states, then the equivalent is John McCain’s Bizarro Nation. The alternate country — you know, the places that are pro-America. Where McCain can resurrect the word welfare — that … Continue reading

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‘General’ electric

Retired Gen. Colin Powell’s endorsement of Barack Obama for president was courageous, which keeps in character with the man. Powell, the former head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and W.’s first secretary of state, is the Republican who should’ve … Continue reading

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Show me the funny

Quite a refreshing change of pace on the campaign trail over the last few days as it suddenly became Comedy Central. It started Thursday in New York at the Alfred E. Smith Catholic Charities Dinner — where it’s a tradition … Continue reading

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