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Say it’s so, Joe

There’s a new star in the presidential campain heavens — Joe the Plumber. He was mentioned more times in last night’s debate than the stock market dropping 700 points Wednesday. He was so important, John McCain said his name more … Continue reading

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“Alright Mr. Stone, I’m ready for my close-up”

Just when you thought you were safe from ever hearing the cliche “art imitates life” along comes Oliver Stone’s movie “W.” Could anything be as funny or as outrageous as the real thing? C’mon, turn on CNN and save yourself … Continue reading

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Acting presidential

Barack Obama has been getting high marks for “appearing presidential” with his calm demeanor during the economic crisis. John McCain is still on shaky footing. This week he’s acting like the underdog who is gonna “fight, fight, fight” for the … Continue reading

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Caught between Barack and a hard place

It’s a new week, so it’s time for John McCain the Fighting Tiger to once again change his stripes. Last week his Straight-Talk Express was more like the Hate-Talk Express driven erratically by the GOP nominee who didn’t stop for … Continue reading

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Gall in the family

Pitbull Princess Palin abused her power as governor of Alaska in the media-dubbed mini-scandal “Troopergate.” Palin got some guy fired because he wouldn’t fire her trooper brother-in-law who allegedly abused her sister. We also learned that Palin’s hubby Todd was … Continue reading

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Ticket to chide

Desperate times calls for desperate decisions. It’s time the Republican party dropped a candidate from its ticket. And it’s not Sarah Palin. At a McPalin rally Wednesday in Pennsylvania, it was reported that after Palin spoke and turned it over … Continue reading

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“That One”

John McCain had his “macaca” moment in last night’s debate. “Macaca” was the derogatory word used by then Republican Sen. George Allen of Virginia — and, rightly so, it cost him re-election in 2006. McCain, off the cuff. referred to … Continue reading

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The old man and the seethe

Somewhere in the afterlife, Hunter S. Thompson is on his millionth bottle of Jack Daniels, drowning his sorrows because he didn’t hang on to see this presidential campaign. Fear and loathing appears to be eternal. The GOP has P.T.A. President … Continue reading

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“Thrilla from Wasilla”

Whoever said don’t send a woman to do a man’s job was still waiting for the wheel to be invented. Sarah Palin, the human bailout plan for the sagging John McCain campaign, didn’t crash and burn during her VP debate … Continue reading

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Field of Dweebs

Congress struggled last week to agree on an economic bailout plan that eventually forced the stock market to plunge 777 points. That all could have been avoided if only the leaders on Capitol Hill followed the lead of the Chicago … Continue reading

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