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What would Jesus do?

Ahh, the rhetorical question that could be used in any given situation at any given time. Especially when it comes to religion and politics. Confession is supposed to be good for the soul — but to tell a padre all … Continue reading


Coming attractions

Here are some mid-season TV fare you won’t see, but could be interesting if they came tothe networks or cable: 1. Dick Cheney’s Undisclosed Locations. Fox News will be privvy to the former Veep’s hideouts, and each week will have … Continue reading

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A baffling dichotomy

It practically went unnoticed that Nov. 22 was the 45th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. You know, the Camelot guy with the knockout babe of a wife — the White House couple Barack and Michelle Obama … Continue reading


Let’s talk turkeys

Mmmmmm… Thanksgiving — when we give thanks for the bounty we are about to receive, and thank those turkeys who, over the last year, made us bust a gut because we couldn’t get our fill of them: 1. President George … Continue reading

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Foot the Bill

Before Hillary Clinton is sworn is as President-elect Barack Obama’s Secretary of State, she has to dump Bill. That’s right — hit the road, Jack. Hasta la bye-bye, Bubba. Wild Bill won’t only have his foot in the door when … Continue reading

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There was this great sitcom from the 1970s called “WKRP in Cincinnati” about an inept radio station. Its most famous episode involved turkeys. The plot centered around the radio station’sturkey giveaway for Thanksgiving. The station’s GM and advertising exec both … Continue reading

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Barack of ages

The country is Barackified — full of energy for the incoming first family. People can’t wait until Jan. 20th — the president-elect’s inauguration speech promises to be electrifying, since past indicators have proven his penchant for delivering dynamic dialogue. It’s … Continue reading


Mixed media

Poor George W. Bush — he can’t even get a book deal. President for eight years — granted, most of them disasterous, but that’s a book in itself — and he couldn’t even appoint a publisher. Meanwhile, is there a … Continue reading


No laughing matter

Note to “Saturday Night Live”: The Joe Biden impersonation isn’t working because it isn’t funny. Last night the opening of “SNL” tried to get their fans hooked on the Biden as gaffer sketch, but it only proved to show how … Continue reading

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Hillary in the house

Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State in the Obama administration is the latest buzz. Is this on the level or are the Democrats just answering the call by many Americans to finally get Sarah Palin to shut up and stop … Continue reading

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