Car wars

This time they came to Capitol Hill driving fuel-efficient cars instead of taking their private jets. CEOs of the Big 3 automakers have at best accomplished one thing: They’re more hated than Big Tobacco.

These guys were there pitching their products — inviting America to drop by and “kick the tires.” Problem for them is tires are not what Americans would be kicking. As these guys kept talking, the Stock Market kept falling. We don’t want the people who work their fingers to the bone building the cars to lose their jobs — just the CEOs. The fat cats who are overpaid and out of touch with what their workers need both on and off the job to keep the company running. Sound familiar?

The auto industry bailout is a microcosm of America: CEOs have spent themselves and their corporations into oblivion — off the sweat of hard working people. America’s other blood and treasure.

The only time thse CEOs come close to working hard for their people is when they’re trying to save their own skins. When they’re trapped like the rats that they are. So it’s interesting to watch them grovel at the feet of politicians. You know, the same lawmakers the CEOs doled out company money to elect. Both professions leave a bad odor in a room — no more of that new car smell. Maybe they can car pool as they drive the country down the road to ruin.

If you give some people lemons, they make lemonade. The Big 3 automakers only know about making lemons. It’s been the fruit of their labor. Before giving them any bailout bucks, lawmakers only need to ask themselves one question: Would you buy a used car from any of these guys?

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