America’s kid sister

Caroline Kennedy, JFK’s daughter, said she is interested in taking over as junior senator from New York once Hillary Clinton becomes secretary of state. Good choice? In the political game of cards, I’ll see your Clinton and raise you with a Kennedy. Ah-ha, full House! It’s up to N.Y. Gov. David Paterson to name Hillary’s replacement. It’s a good thing disgraced N.Y. Gov. Eliot Spitzer, who resigned because he was fiddling about with call girls, isn’t still in office. He’d probably appoint someone named Tabitha Threesome.

The Kennedys have been champions for the downtrodden throughout their lifetime of government service — even though they don’t always accomplish as much as the have-nots give them credit for. But members of America’s Royal Family certainly try their damndest. Caroline would not be an exception — although it’s questionable if she could be more effective in the job as Hillary. But one of the reasons Hillary might be taking the job in the Obama administration is that she’s stuck in shallow waters in the sea that is the senate. A small fish in a big pond, as it were. Being junior senator to Chuck “which camera do I look in” Schumer doesn’t amount to a hill of beans on Capitol Hill.

Caroline is shy — certainly not as verbose as her Uncle Teddy. If he’s the lion in the senate, she would probably be perceived as the lamb. At least at the outset. Dismissing one’s potential before it’s given its chance is like the proverbial judging a book by its cover.

For those of us who grew up with Caroline Kennedy — well, not actually in the same neighborhood, but you know — she’s like America’s kid sister. You wanted to personally keep her safe from anymore harm or tragedy a kid her age had to endure.

If she gets the appointment, she’ll become the new media darling. The perfect remedy after several months of Sarah Palin. The media will get to use its favorite trendy, condescending, liberal-biased phrases about Caroline — like does she have the gravitas or the bona fides.

Caroline Kennedy is no Hillary Clinton — which is not necessarily a bad thing. But New York is abrasive and boisterous and, frankly, more snobbish than Californy. The kid sister doesn’t seem to fit that mold.

Still, the Senate needs a Kennedy. It would be like not having a Bush in the White House. Wait a minute, that ain’t right. Maybe like Angelina without Brad. Or Madonna without a baseball team.

The Kennedys are always going to be with us, if not in the flesh than in spirit. Caroline Kennedy has always seemed to be a blithe spirit.

New York can use someone who doesn’t have to hog the spotlight.

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