Ostracizing Oprah

Sarah Palin, this time you’ve gone too far! You snubbed Oprah. You can diss Dave, jerk-around Jay ,and discount “The Daily Show” because you’re not sure what night it airs. But not obliging Oprah? That’s not only un-American, it’s practically an abomination — when you factor in all those women, and two guys from San Francisco, who worship at the altar of the Queen of Talk.

It’s not that you should be afraid of The Chosen One — you’ve already met face-to-face with Larry King. Which means you’ve been interviewed by the Undead. So don’t be a Miss Smarty Pants ($20,000 a pair at Sachs; put it on the RNC tab — you’re still under contract) just because you have more requests than an Elvis impersonator at a Holiday Inn in Boise. And don’t come crawling back to the Big O when your book comes out and the Goddess of Gab doesn’t include it in her book club. You try signing copies only at the Wasilla Bait ,Tackle and Book Nook.

Just remember what happened to Shelley Long after she quit “Cheers” because she thought she could be a big movie star. Can you say “Troop Beverly Hills”?

So listen up, Princess Palin — your public will turn on you if you get too big for your britches. If that happens, the only one who’ll be pursuing you is Bill Clinton.

Yentl meets Mental

The Living Legend herself, Barbra Streisand, was one of the artists celebrated over the weekend by the Kennedy Center Honors. The Definitive Diva — as left as you can get without speaking dang communist — was in enemy territory. Before the event, she and the other honorees met with the President and first lady at the White House.

Babs swallowed her pride (her ego is too large for even a whale to engulf) and beforehand said “art transcends politics this weekend.” As it should be. Babs even shared a kiss with the man she once called for to be impeached.

As reported and can be seen onvideo, the kissin’ part went well. What went unreported was what Streisand was overheard saying to her hubby, actor James Brolin: “It goes to show you, you live long enough and anything could happen. I never thought for the life of me that I’d ever kiss a Bush.”

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