Wishin’ accomplished

George W. Bush and Dick Cheney finally have an exit strategy — it’s called January 20th.

What a lot of Americans were wishing and hoping would’ve come sooner — say, oh, eight years ago — will finally see the light of day in less than one month.

Cheney is doing the angry old man thing till the bitter end. In probably his last interview as veep, Cheney spewed his patented venom on Fox News. An appropriate news network for him since propaganda is mother’s milk to the prince of darkness.

Cheney and Fox News are joined at the snear. The man who was several heart attacks away from being president in name only continued his role as bad cop in the good cop/bad cop Cheney-Bush presidency. He ridiculed incoming VP Joe Biden’s grasp of the Constitution (Joe’s in favor of it) and said Lincoln and FDR “went far beyond anything we’ve done in a global war on terror.” Oh ya, Honest Abe was OK with waterboarding (back then it was called waterpumpboarding — it took a while longer, but apparently the results were worth it) and had his goons put cups up next to walls so they could hear what people were saying about the Man from Illinois.

Cheney also defended former Defense Secretary Donald “he’s no dummy, he’s my Rummy” Rumsfeld and said W. was wrong to fire him. One could only imagine Cheney, after not being informed that Rummy was going to be terminated, sending W. to his room without his Ovaltine and Teddy Grahams.

In short, Dick was unapologetic about anything he’s perpetrated on the global stage as mastermind of the Magnificent Miserable Tour that was the Cheney-Bush Imperial Presidency. Cheney scoffed at everyone who disagreed with him and said people who spend too much time reading polls “shouldn’t serve in these jobs.” God forbid you listen to what Americans are saying or how they feel. In Cheneyland, the American people are not this country’s greatest resource, but rather the greatest victims of outsource. Then again it’s not worth imaging the greater picture when you can’t see past your bunker mentality.

‘Tis the season to be forgiving, but Cheney is beyond redemption. So why bother. He’s Richard Nixon — without the personality. Since he gives Fox News its talking points, they help stir the caldron of disdain for the world. Starting Jan. 21, they should start reporting the news as they see it from one of his undisclosed locations. They could plot the demise of civilization while defending Christianity. Fox is good at that. Right now they’re battling an imaginary war on Christmas — delivering us from evil provided by the Pontius Pilates of the ACLU.

This holiday season may we all go about our business with the knowledge that we’re all going to get a belated Christmas gift on January 20th.

Say goodnight, Dick.

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