In no ‘Rush’ to vote for ‘The Stim’

America is practically bankrupt. When once we feared another 9-11, we’re now scared stiff of a nationwide Chapter 11. If you’re looking in the mail for your California state tax refund, you’ll probably get an IOU. So it figures that House Republicans were concerned about contraceptives and money going to the arts in President Obama’s $819B stimulus plan. Therefore, not one House Republican voted for it. You know the God-fearin’ GOP, hell, they blush whenever they have to use the words huge, pork, and huge stimulus package in the same sentence. You would think they’d be ashamed to be bipartisan because their constituents back home might think that means they swing both ways.

“The Stim” — as some news media minds are referring to it — is far from perfect. Not enough in it to smooth over the infrastructure-mania sweeping the pol mindset. They believes it will put a lot of Americans back to work. Shades of Ike in the 1950s, who championed the construction of super-highways that connect us all together.

Obama made a, well, Obamafied, attempt to sell his partisan panacea to the House GOP, but the elixir wasn’t the right remedy. So much for that House call.

“The Stim” passed regardless — Dems outnumber Republicans, but the vote doesn’t bode well — further partisan bickering and gridlock seem inevitable.

Such business as usual is manna from heaven for whaleman Rush Limbaugh, who seems to be the bullhorn for the GOP bully pulpit.

The GOP is getting its talking points and its marching orders to polarize and spew disdain for anything not in Moby Dickhead’s best interest. One lame GOP congressman from Georgia, Phil Gingry, apologized on the Great White Dope’s radio broadcast for saying he didn’t know what he was thinking when he said Rush was wrong to say Obama’s stimulus plan aids only the poor — who will then be so grateful they’ll vote for the Democrats until the end of time. This lawmaker was such a wimp he called his own comments “outrageous” and referred to his Lord and Master as a “giant.” To quote Bugs Bunny, “what a maroon.”

The weighty windbag has even taken credit for the GOP voting against this “debacle.” He dubbed it “porkulus” — which is ironic because that would’ve been his name if he had lived in the time of the Holy Roman Empire.

Probably was his nickname when he was a kid. Explains a lot. Hard to understand why a ton of fun like whaleman wouldn’t like anything that had a lot of pork in it.

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